Have you had a chance to read the “Update on the Senate Impeachment Trial” from Sen. Toomey in your email Tuesday morning? Following is part of what he wrote: “The purpose of a witness is to shed light on an important fact that could resolve a disputed issue and help determine the final outcome of the case.

In my view, the House has brought forward articles of impeachment that do not justify removing President Trump from office, nullifying the results of the 2016 election, and denying Americans the right to vote for him in the next election. As a result, additional witnesses beyond the 17 who testified in the House proceedings, are not necessary.”

He is literally maintaining that witnesses help resolve “disputes.” He readily admits that he “disputes” what the House has alleged, that removal is warranted. But, then he concludes that additional witnesses are not necessary! What kind of political double talk is this? I’ll tell you what kind it is.

It is cover-up political talk. Mr. Toomey knows how damaging Trump’s witnesses (his “team”) would have been. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you call them to show the nation how phony the House’s case really is? Let the sun shine in.

James Swartz,


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