In the June 21 edition of The Daily Item, John Peeler had a letter extolling the durable energy of the recent protests. While I agree with him that the death of George Floyd was a murder, most of the rest of his missive is tripe.

As an example as to their spontaneity, which he applauds, they are not spontaneous. Rather they are, as he points out, brought to notice for more attendees by social media like Facebook. I give him some leeway here as we are both of a generation that grew up with mainstream media being the conduit of information. If you are informing people of what, where, and when things are happening, it’s not spontaneous.

There’s nothing innovative about defunding or abolishing police departments as we know them. If you’re talking about letting the citizens run the show you’re wrong. After all, look how well that’s working in Seattle where the occupiers of a section of the city that have “taken over” law enforcement didn’t allow police in over the weekend and two people who may have survived a shooting died because these geniuses thought they could drive them to the hospital faster. When you allow people with no respect for law or other people and have allowed them to be entitled for years you’re inviting disaster and anarchy of a level unimaginable.

His two most grievous misconceptions however are 1) believing that sweating the details by forging coalitions and passing legislation at all levels from state to federal is possible. While that is actually a noble idea, there’s no possibility of it happening.

You see, there’s no bipartisanship or desire for it in this nation — not from politicians, or populace.

You placed the blame on President Trump and his political abuses and rhetoric over the last three years with ironically his, to quote you, “egregious mismanagement of the crisis as his latest and greatest transgressions.” I’m not an acolyte for this president as I find much of his behavior difficult to stand. What I do find is it’s amazing that, in the time he’s been president, you and many who share your beliefs have never seen him do anything well and be the cause of all that goes wrong. He, on a federal level, has done what governors like Wolf, Cuomo and Newsom have done, but it’s good there, bad by him.

For all that this president is or is not, how likely is the possibility that absolutely every decision is incorrect.

I have to say the one thing I find most refreshing about President Trump is he’s probably the only president I can remember who didn’t let the office change who he is. For good or bad, he has remained who he always has been.

Doesn’t it seem that if we could all say that things would be much better and more cooperative rather than combative. I know Mr. Peeler is a much more educated man than I am but if I can see these things without a hateful bias, why can’t he?

Harry Prentiss lives in Sunbury.




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