President Trump admires you. Until the election is over. Then, you too will be discarded on the same garbage pile as the losers and suckers, including me, who served in our armed forces.

Yes, a lewd, rude draft dodger who now in his newfound holiness has the unmitigated gall to criticize service members who have died or were severely injured in service to our country. His disgusting and detestable words, while proven to be his true feelings over the years, put me in a foul mood.

He is a man-child who has been raised by his father and grandfather to only respect winners ... defined as those who are wealthy and wield power. He was complicit in his father tossing his older brother aside and lied about the size of his father’s estate to in effect, disinherit his deceased brother’s children.

If he is willing to dismiss his family, I have no illusions about his affinity for me and other veterans, alive and deceased. What about Christians, both Evangelical and other Christian types and abortion? Ah yes, his claims to have done more for Christianity than any other president are preposterous. He’s not a Christian and unwittingly goes out of his way to prove it each and every day by what he says and does.

The fact is that as a long-term malignant narcissist, he has not been loyal to anyone or any cause not reflected in the mirror as admiring and a sycophant to Donald J. Trump.

Mel Mench,





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