On Aug. 20, the 85th District will hold a special election to fill the recently-vacated State Representative seat in Harrisburg. During this campaign cycle, I have seen and heard quite a bit of editorialized statements that mispresent or take out of context a candidate’s words and actions (in this case, David Rowe, the Republican candidate). In my capacity as township supervisor, this behavior is what frustrates me about our local politics, and unfortunately, it is no different at the state or national level. Bottom line, don’t believe everything you read.

David Rowe is proud to be an American and believes in our nation’s founding principles. At the start of our township meetings, as he stands next to me, his resounding voice recites the Pledge of Allegiance, and it always makes me feel a bit prouder to be an American when I heard his words resonate above all others in the room.

We need to return to the patriotism and work ethic that helped define this country. As a small business owner himself, David knows first-hand how difficult running a small business, or farm, can be. David believes in managed growth. In our township, he carefully considers general discussion or proposed ordinance changes that will have an economic impact. He strives to keep our community self-sustaining while maintaining the charm and small-town feel that epitomizes this region. He will mirror this same concern to all areas of the 85th district. While some view this State Representative position as part-time, David has committed to making this a full-time job. To that end, he will step down from his own business responsibilities.

During David’s time serving as East Buffalo Township’s supervisor, I valued his thorough and fiscally sound assessment of township business. He was part of the team that passed, for the fourth year in a row, a budget without a tax increase. This scrutiny of spending and careful handling of taxpayers’ money is exactly what we need in Harrisburg. As the saying goes, ‘it’s always easy to spend someone else’s money.” David rejects a “tax and spend” methodology, which has unfortunately been used more liberally by some government officials.

David has a no-nonsense approach to problems and issues. David is refreshingly direct and to the point, while never condescending or abrasive. His resourcefulness and enthusiasm, two traits which have served him well as he has traveled and worked in other countries, are valuable qualities to have as a State Representative. I am confident that as he will be a strong advocate for Union and Snyder counties in Harrisburg.

In short, David is a conservative Republican who believes in low taxes and smaller government. He shares my feelings and frustration about the glut of overhead and waste in government. He believes in personal accountability and doesn’t expect someone else to take care of him. David will provide this ‘back to basics’ philosophy that we need. Can one person really effectuate change? Maybe — maybe not. But regardless, I want someone representing me who shares my values and beliefs. That at least gives us a fighting chance of tackling some of the tougher problems we face in Harrisburg.

Please join me in voting for David Rowe on Aug. 20.

Char Gray is an East Buffalo Township Supervisor.