This is a reply to the “Dangerous rhetoric” letter from the six Lutheran clergy that was printed in the Daily Item on Sunday, May 26. It is obvious their letter was written with the intention of creating “fear” in the public about my conference. This type of censorship is irresponsible, unacceptable and dangerous. My public event was cancelled because of dissenting phone calls and threats of protest made to the local business. Whatever happened to our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly?

I hope everyone noticed that these Lutheran clergy quoted from the Tanakh, instead of The Holy Bible. The Tanakh is the Judaism version of the Old Testament. It differs from the Christian version and omits the New Testament entirely. Without realizing it, these clergy proved the point of my conference: When it comes to the subject of Israel, many Christian clergy are preaching from the Old Testament instead of the New Testament.

It is not an inflammatory statement to say Christianity and Judaism are opposing faith systems? It is a fact that can be proven by reading The Babylonian Talmud. If you want additional proof, look up why Messianic Jews (Jews who have accepted Jesus as the Jewish Messiah) are not given the same rights in the State of Israel? If the State of Israel was supposed to be a “homeland” for all Jews, then their religious preference should not be a factor. However, Messianic Jews are not even considered to be “Jews” because they have accepted a different religion.

Melanie Russell,


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