I’ve been told that 81-plus million people can’t be wrong. Well, Joe Biden has certainly proven them all wrong.

In less than one year, this president and his inept administration have destroyed the credibility of the country with his Afghanistan debacle (total surrender to terrorists); he has armed these terrorists with vast military equipment and arms; Americans, and those who aided our war effort, have been left behind and stranded without ability to escape.

He has destroyed the U.S. economy: Gas prices are soaring, groceries are unaffordable, employment is discouraged by payments encouraging people to stay home rather than work, our self-dependent energy has been obliterated, our immigration laws have been ignored and our borders not protected, overextending law enforcement and border patrol agents.

Our allies who depend on us to come to their aid in times of trouble can no longer be assured that we will keep our word (think South Korea and Taiwan).

He has been totally ineffective in addressing the COVID-19 mess after bragging that he would bring it under control.

I am heartbroken for our country and the mess this inept and ineffective administration has caused. Gee, what else can go wrong?

Elections do have consequences. This election has been a total disaster!

Mel Benjamin,


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