As a member of the 108th district, I am continually impressed by Lynda Schlegel Culver’s ability to stick to what she was elected to do: Serve. She once made room in her schedule to speak with me; a 45-minute conversation I still hold in high regard. She made herself available to me. Listened to me. She gave me the feeling she respected her duty to represent everyone, even those who did not vote for her.

I feel for my neighbors in the 85th who do not have such a representative, and have to deal with the political grandstanding of David Rowe. From his performative stunts to his Facebook page, his divisiveness paints a lack of empathy, and understanding of public service. When you vote, you’re also voting on someone’s character. As someone who has been a registered Republican, Democrat, and independent, I make an effort to vote on character because character counts.

So, what to do? Knowing the political demographic, winning the 85th is a difficult task even for an independent or a Democrat with strong character. But, that does not mean the 85th is stuck with Rowe until he decides to advance his career. If a person of character fails to defeat him in November, I encourage another Republican to oppose him in the next primary. If you think that’s you, please find me. I would gladly help send a true public servant to represent the 85th in Harrisburg.

Jacob Tomaszewski,


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