Looking back as I remember 9/11, I am horrified at Donald Trump’s recent statements. He called our soldiers killed in war “losers and suckers.” My father, at 19, with only one eye, enlisted in World War II. The country needed men. My husband at 52 came out of retirement to go to Iraq. The Army needed his skills.

After 9/11, young men and women flocked to recruitment offices. Their country needed them. Of note, Donald Jr., then 24, Ivanka nearly 20, her future husband Jared Kushner, 20, and Eric nearly 18 were not to be found anywhere near a recruitment office.

Donald Trump was there at 9/11 giving interviews. Explaining that with the Twin Towers destroyed and still burning, his building was now the tallest building in downtown Manhattan. It wasn’t.

My heroes are those that served, facing bullets, rockets and land mines in combat.

Those that fought the hijackers on United Flight 93, those that rushed into the burning towers, those that sifted through the smoldering rubble ever hopeful to find life in the terror and heartbreak of this nation’s tragedy, are the heroes.

Willow Eby-Fischer,





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