‘You’re fired!” was Donald Trump’s tough-guy image on his “reality” television show, but it wasn’t reality. It was an act which he was taught to portray. He still wants to portray that tough-guy image as president. He wants his followers to believe he is tough, but tough talk doesn’t always come from a tough person. Trump, like many bullies, has to act tough to cover up deep insecurities.

President Trump never fires people fac-to-face. He fires via Twitter or uses underlings to deliver the message. He doesn’t have the grit to fire man-to-man. He sends out vile attack emails about anyone who might say a word against him, but never has the guts to do it to someone’s face.

During a demonstration in front of the White House, the Secret Service took Trump to an underground bunker. When the word got out, he quickly denied it and said it was only an inspection. He must have thought this detracted from his image. To counter this image, he set-up a photo op and strolled across the park with a whole entourage in tow to the church across the way. To achieve this he demonstrated his total disregard for the Constitution.

He used aggressive forces to move people out of the way who were peacefully assembled to express political grievances, a Constitutional right granted in the First Amendment. Trump has constantly abused power and has consistently trampled on the Constitution. He doesn’t believe that citizens and the press have the right to criticize his actions.

This is the same tough guy who has genuflected before strongmen dictators around the world singing the praises of Putin, Kim, Erdogan, and Bin Saud. He has taken the world of Putin over our intelligence agencies. One phone call to Erdogan and he withdrawals our troops from northern Syria. He says he loves Kim even though Kim keeps right on building missiles and nuclear bombs.

Not a word of repute when Bin Saud has an American resident murdered. We need a leader with inner strength, not a bloviating buffoon who demonstrates great ignorance of the world in which we live. In less than four years Trump and his administration have weakened our country’s standing throughout the world. Even our allies find themselves in a position of not being able to rely on a steadfast friend on which to count. We have had way too much of a reality show tough guy act.

Jack D. Miller lives in Lewisburg.




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