In response to Butch Woolsey’s Dec. 26 letter: Mr. Woolsey publicly thanked Rep. Fred Keller for his acquiescence to what is essentially a coup in our nation attempting to keep President Trump in office. Despite conclusive evidence that no consequential fraud occurred, and numerous institutions upheld President-elect Biden’s victory, the cult of Trump evidently still runs strong and lives in denial.

There are two aspects of this undemocratic movement that trouble me most. First, Rep. Keller sold out his constituents by betraying their vote. The idea that a Pennsylvania congressman would align himself with other states in attempting to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results is treasonous. Keller is undeserving of his office.

Second, I am astounded at the number of Christians who cling to the Trump banner even as he undermines our democratic institutions. His most fervent supporters incite violence. Christians are called to “love thy neighbor.” Where is love in Trump’s cult of personality?

Woolsey notes that the Bible tells us that in the “end times” what is wrong will appear right. What is certainly true is that democracy in America will end if Americans continue to elevate the interests of one man over the interests of the entire nation. Politicians and religious leaders who preach the gospel of Trump over the gospel of Love must walk back from their treasonous ledge and join us in rebuilding our democracy.


Larry Herrold Jr.,







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