If Joe Biden gets elected he will never finish the term. Next month he will be 78 and seems to be showing signs of mental decline. I expect his handlers to use the 25th Amendment and replace him with Senator Harris.

Mr. Biden won’t tell us if he will pack the court, but Senator Schumer and Senator Harris said they are open to it. He will listen to them and it will happen.

He has made many promises of things he will do such as bring manufacturing jobs back. President Obama said they were gone forever, but President Trump has already brought hundreds of thousands of these jobs back.

He promises many things and changes his position often, such as he is for fracking and he will eliminate fracking. He is going to eliminate the oil industry and he supports the Green New Deal that will cost trillions of dollars. He says the tax increase he proposes will pay for these things, but they won’t be nearly enough.

Then there is the problem of raising taxes during the recovery caused by the pandemic. That will stall the recovery.

He had his chance to do many things he proposes when he was in the Obama administration, but did nothing.

President Trump has done many things despite the constant harassment of the liberals. I like many of the things he has accomplished and I will be glad to vote to reelect him.

Charles D. Hilbish,




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