I’m writing in response to Rep. Dan Meuser’s My Turn “Let’s bridge over troubled water” (Feb. 10). Evidently the Ninth District representative hasn’t recently listened to the famed Simon and Garfunkel hit as well as being confused by the term “bridge” and its political application. A “bridge” is a connection between two otherwise disconnected places or in this case, political philosophies.

I began to read the article expecting the unexpected — a plea to his fellow Republicans as well as to the Democrats across the aisle for unity. Looking for issues the two sides of our deeply divided nation might agree on and come together in Meuser’s piece I found instead accusations, derision and proud defense of a deeply flawed president. In other words, more of the same from a Trump neophyte. Rep. Meuser did nothing to start any healing process and suggested no direction for the competing parties to move toward in unison.

Besides all that he, like his model of all things “perfect,” didn’t tell the story truthfully. Meuser contends there was no “this for that.” Maybe the esteemed member of Congress forgot the hearings were televised. I saw and heard Lt. Col. Vindman, Ambassador Bill Taylor, Kurt Volker, Jennifer Williams, Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent, former NSC advisor Tim Morrison, EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch among others testify under oath before the House. Their combined testimonies painted a picture of a president out to misdirect his supporters and political allies with an illegal investigation into a political opponent. Rep. Meuser must have been asleep at the switch during those hearings.

Rep. Meuser went on to call Speaker Pelosi names, follow the president’s lead and make unsubstantiated claims about the Bidens, wax almost poetic about the president’s defense team which was more hysterically pathetic than poetic, and finally claim the leading falsehood of the entire Trump administration: that this president has the “peoples” support. His statement that “the people’s trust has been rocked” is based on a false assumption — that these “people” are somehow in the majority or represent all Americans. Let me remind Rep. Meuser that Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton: 65,853,514 to 62,984,828. That is two percentage points fewer votes for Trump. He never was the “people’s” president.

In addition, by claiming that the impeachment against Trump rocked the people’s trust Meuser assumes the people sided with the president. This president has polled no more than 45-46 percent for the three-plus years he’s been in office. That means 54-55 percent do not approve of this president. I shouldn’t have to tell him what happens when you make assumptions. Anyone reading “Let’s bridge over troubled water” can see there was no attempt at reconciliation and little if any factual support of Trump’s innocence in the Ukraine affair.

I submit to Rep. Meuser that it’s not the Democrats who need to reach out and “bridge” troubled water but the entire Republican Party and its leader. Under Donald Trump the GOP has attacked and sought to disrupt life under our laws and in fact our Constitution. They have villainized their opponents rather than treat them as respected members of the same team. And the last reminder, our team is the United States not Donald Trump. Americans unite to make America strong, not to glorify our one and done president.

Michael Tischio lives in Kelly Township.

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