I’m writing to comment on “Climate Change” in Sunday’s (Oct. 3) letters to the editor — not only to comment on the letter but also on your decision to publish it. One part of the letter contributes to a point of public debate by questioning whether spending public money on a Civilian Climate Corps is a good idea. The rest of the letter does not add to a public debate but instead engages in disinformation by suggesting that climate science is simply the work of “these climate advocates” and implying that we can continue to put CO2 into the atmosphere without consequences (oh, and maybe it’s all just the “Earth going through its cycles” anyway).

Publishing letters that mislead readers about the nature of scientific findings and then relying on future letters to correct the misleading information is not a defensible approach to running a community newspaper in a 21st century media environment. It’s a disservice to your readers, and I expect better from The Daily Item.

Loren Gustafson,

East Buffalo Township

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