A direct quote from Fred Keller’s Facebook page, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021:

“It’s not right or left — it’s right or wrong. We’re on the right side of this believing that the American people control their destiny and the government is not here to impose its will upon the people.”

Fred, if it’s about “right and wrong,” how could you not vote to censure Rep. Paul Gosar for posting such a violent video on his social media page? You claim to “stand up” for the rights of those who you represent on one issue, but not on this issue?

Do you think it’s OK for one member of Congress to post a fantasy-cartoon depicting the killing of another member of Congress and to threaten the president of the United States with a sword? Really?

And you can’t see the connection between this “fantasy” violence and the way it could influence someone with, shall we say, a less than stable psyche and cause them to act out such fantasies? Remember Rep. Gabby Giffords? Are you OK with someone doing that to another member of Congress?

Thanks for standing up, Fred. You’re a puppet, and your moral integrity is now suspect.

Rick Thomas,


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