I am very happy to see former East Buffalo Township Supervisor David Rowe running for state representative in the special election.

As an East Buffalo Township resident, I can attest to his solid leadership and stellar record of public service. In fact, I am a regular attendee at township board of supervisors meetings and I have seen Rowe deliver results as a public official. I have been extremely impressed with Rowe’s leadership qualities, thorough knowledge of the issues, and thoughtful approach to solving problems.

While serving on the board of supervisors, Rowe proved himself to be an effective advocate for our community. He worked effectively with his fellow supervisors to bring fiscal responsibility to the township. His former colleagues on the board of supervisors have enthusiastically endorsed him.

As a supervisor, Rowe never voted for a tax increase, never voted to incur more debt, and never voted to increase regulations on local businesses. He held the line against increasing the size of government and maintained balanced budgets. I am confident Rowe will bring the same conservative approach to Harrisburg.

Rowe’s solid conservative record in East Buffalo Township is a big reason why I will be voting for him. If you want a proven leader who holds conservative values, vote for David Rowe on Aug. 20.


Donald Steckel,