The forefathers — in their attempt to construct “a more perfect union” — postulated a system of governance peopled by persons of rational integrity — such, I presume, as they fancied themselves. Their system of checks and balances provided inadequate provision for dealing with the cohort self-serving scoundrels, scalawags and sycophants that have risen to the top of the undrained cesspool swamping our capitol for the last four years. All of which has arisen in spite of our “democracy” which has allowed iniquities of injustice, social, legal and economic inequalities, with the eager propagation and endorsement of a “caste” system as elucidated by Isabel Wilkerson in her book of that title. Our lower castes, wade neck-deep in a slough of despond, while the upper castes continuously enrich themselves at the former’s expense.

Is it any wonder the country is divided? Those representatives who don’t represent the voters who voted for them appear to represent principally their financial backers, those who can afford to be so. The needy are not amongst them. This system amounts to one dollar one vote, more or less. That’s not rule-by-the-people, it’s rule-by-the-wealthy. Plutocracy.

Unless and until our system mitigates the evils of iniquities of injustice, social, legal and economic inequalities, those vulnerable to such will righteously and properly be divided and separate from the smug hegemony of the unjust and unrighteous.


John Cooper, 


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