The voices and concerns of rural people are often unheard in Harrisburg. I have seen firsthand how the lack of health care access has devastated rural people. How burdensome the added costs of the gas tax are because we drive everywhere.

We are watching our local schools, farms and businesses struggle. And, in response there is silence and a lack of help from those who have been in office for a long time. That is why I believe; rural people need a bill of rights — The Rural Bill of Rights.

Ten policies that need to be addressed in our rural communities, so we can build and grow them. So that our children can thrive in our towns.

Rights such as:

1. Access to hospitals and affordable health care

2. Access to broadband and cellphone service

3. Access to public transportation

4. Investment in public education

5. Protection and growth of family farms

6. Access to good paying jobs and worker protections

7. Infrastructure investments

8. Support of local businesses

9. Access to clean air, water, and land

10. Upholding the PA and U.S. constitutions.

We all pay taxes, and it’s time they started to benefit “we the people” and not corporate donors. If we invest in these 10 rights, we can finally fix the issues that have been ignored by Harrisburg. We, the rural people, deserve a Rural Bill of Rights.


Michelle Siegel,

Candidate PA State Senate


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