You can’t listen when you’re shouting. We listen quietly when a pastor says we are to heal the sick and feed the hungry. When a politician says the same thing, some will shout “Socialism!”

But some things can be done effectively with government help.

When people say they want more individual freedom, such as not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, not wearing a seatbelt in a car, or not wearing a facemask during a pandemic, some will yell, “That’s anarchy.” But we must give up some individual freedoms to live in a safe democracy.

We can listen to one another and try to find a compromise.

We can have the humility to recognize that we may not know the whole truth. If we continuously wave a Bible or wrap ourselves in the flag, others will feel their views are not respected.

I have lived long enough to recognize there is goodness in most people. The Democrat or Republican you disagree with will sit beside you and cheer for your kid at the game.

They will stop at your car by the side of the road and help you fix the flat tire.

When I talk politics with someone, I first seek to understand and then to be understood. Everyone wants to be respected.

Marvin J. Rudnitsky,





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