A recent local incident involving someone altering a traffic sign brought out a justifiable complaint of intolerance and destruction of public property. Once again, though, this shows the selective outrage certain people have when it comes to the perpetrators of such acts.

Unless I missed their previous letters I do not remember them criticizing the BLM rioters for much worse activities. They ignore the harassment of people eating dinner, thugs assaulting police and anyone else they dislike, the burning of public buildings and cars and private homes and businesses, and the paint spraying of “kill whites.” All these events have been well documented on video.

The cost of all that destruction is millions of times more than replacing a traffic sign so it appears such people feel that criminal activities are excusable if one has the correct politics.

Even the Democratic mayors of Portland and Chicago, who did nothing to obstruct peaceful rioting, changed their tune when they found their own homes threatened. You can guess whom they called for protection; it wasn’t other progressives.

Thomas Modesto, 


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