Fred Keller is part of the problem, not the solution to divisiveness in our country. His shameful action challenging the legitimacy of our election system and the votes of his own constituents was nothing more than a silly stunt designed to ingratiate himself with the extremes of his party and of course Donald Trump.

That segment of the population honestly believes there was some major conspiracy to steal the election from President Trump, with thousands of fraudulent voters and flawed machines that were secretly programmed to change votes. Of course, Fred does not believe any of that. But he sees some value in fanning kooky conspiracy theories.

He tells us that he signed onto the amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to take up the Texas lawsuit that would disenfranchise our Pennsylvania votes to simply show his constituents he has “concerns with the integrity of our election system.” He stated, “we owe it to the American people to ensure total confidence in our elections.” 

Really Fred? Your action does nothing but erode confidence in our system. You could have just as easily reached out to any of our local media outlets to express your concerns. And what specifically are your concerns that would be grievous enough to call for a redo of the election — the ultimate relief sought by this lawsuit by outsiders?

Fred Keller signed on to this outrageous lawsuit after more than 50 other suits filed by the Trump campaign had been dismissed without merit. Many dismissed by judges appointed by Trump himself. He signed on after Trump’s own attorney general and election security experts declared there was no widespread election fraud sufficient to change the outcome. He thought it was a good idea to sign on even after multiple recounts in several states showed an accurate first accounting. And Pennsylvania was not even close. So why would a smart guy like Fred Keller sign on to a crazy effort like this?

It seems obvious that the only problem with this election was that Donald Trump lost. Fred Keller has spent much of his brief time in Congress serving the interest of Donald Trump at the expense of his constituents back home. I have known Fred Keller since his early start in the state House. Although I often disagreed with his policy positions, I considered him a good man with good central Pennsylvania values — family-centered values.

However, Fred like so many good people, has seriously tarnished his own reputation in support of this craziness. I am disappointed that he finds some benefit in fanning the flames of division in his own district instead of being a credible leader to unite us during these challenging times.

Don Wilver Jr. is a White Deer Township Supervisor. He lives in New Columbia.

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