The numbers continue to climb. The number of deaths continues to grow. Every day there are new cases, new infections. A monster has invaded our country, changed our way of life, and taken thousands and thousands of American lives.

We live in fear now. Covering our face for a quick trip to the grocery. Seeing our friends and co-workers on a computer screen.

Donald Trump doesn’t say much about the virus now. He’s given up. Once he insisted states should reopen. But it was too soon and too fast. Cases of COVID-19 skyrocketed in Florida, Georgia and throughout the south. He demanded that schools reopen, threatening to withhold funds if they didn’t, saying it was time to “…stop this nonsense...”

Effective leadership isn’t about punishment and insults. Leadership encourages. It offers hope and provides a way forward.

Joe Biden gets it. He and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have prepared plans to deal with COVID-19, something Trump has never done. Biden and Harris also have plans to produce and distribute vaccines fairly and effectively, proposing to invest $25 billion, and guaranteeing that every American receives it, at no cost.

Biden understands the value of planning ahead. He’s done it before. Trump’s response to COVID-19 has been horribly mishandled, beginning this winter and continuing through spring and summer.

Scientists around the world are working on vaccines, chasing a cure. But when one is discovered, how could we possibly trust Trump to handle that?


Steve Kusheloff,


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