It is hard to believe that the Union County Commissioners and Lewisburg elected officials are debating the location of a voting location for Ward 3 of Lewisburg Borough.

It is ridiculous that Union County commissioners decided to use a building (the Weis Center on Bucknell Campus) for citizens in Lewisburg Ward 3 to vote in a location that is well outside of the 3rd ward and in a neighboring township and different precinct.

Here is a simple suggestion: Drum roll, please.

Use Lewisburg borough office building as the voting location for voters of Ward 3 at 55 S. 5th St. in downtown Lewisburg.


Decision made; case closed.

Ward 2 voters go to the courthouse and Ward 3 voters go to the borough building to vote.

Wake up, Union County commissioners, Lewisburg mayor and borough council.

Stop wasting time and resources on such simple and trivial matters.

Make voting easier and simpler for your residents — not more difficult and complicated.

Mike Molesevich,


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