I would like to comment on the well written article on Chantix to help stop smoking. I admire Mr. Sites of Evangelical Community Hospital for quitting smoking. He claims that cigarettes relieved stress. This is a real misconception. There is nothing in nicotine that causes decreased anxiety. The reason that smokers feel better and less nervous after smoking is because they are going through withdrawal and their bodies are screaming for that drug (no different than heroin or cocaine withdrawal).

Chantix, nicotine patches and nicotine gum are expensive, but so are cigarettes. If I could convince a 14-year-old who comes into my office, not to smoke (which never happens) but instead take the money for one pack of cigarettes a day and place it in the stock market, given the rising price of cigarettes and changes in the stock market, what would that be worth at age 65? It would be worth over $2 million.

Quitting smoking is not only healthy it is also economical.

Dr. John Pagana,


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