In response to Mr. Rudnitsky’s letter (Sept. 19) to my letter (Sept. 8), as he stated in regard to slavery, let’s not forget, Blacks sold their own people to wealthy Blacks and rich white sharecroppers.

In regard to the Japanese, of the 100,000 who lost everything and were put in concentration camps, that were mostly U.S. citizens, it wasn’t until 1988 when Reagan passed a bill to give each $20,000 out of the $120 million allocated by this uncalled act. Let’s do the math — 43 years later? How many died, moved elsewhere? $20,000 to some of those 100,000 was more than they had and lost, to some it was about even, and those who were wealthy lost money. Where did the leftover go?

Why should I, because of mistakes made by great-great-grandfather, be liable for his debts and mistakes? As are children of parents with time spent in nursing homes becoming liable for the unpaid bills owed at the time of their passing — same as repatriation? What right does a nursing home have to put a lien against the remaining descendants of their estate for monies owed?

When you’re in business, whatever, you have to accept the gains and losses that go with that business, whatever it may be. It all works out in the end and if you’re left holding the bag with a loss, guess what you have ... a legal deduction at tax time. So you really don’t lose, do you? You want it both ways.

Albert Golfieri,

White Deer 



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