A few days ago I received a letter postmarked from Harrisburg with no return address and no identification inside. The first page listed 11 supposedly “exact quotations from Democrats” and a quote from Lincoln referring to me as not only “Ignorant” but “stupid.” The remaining pages listed 123 supposed “accomplishments” of Trump and administration. None of which gave sources.

Besides being initially annoyed, I could not help but consider what this letter told me about the sender. First, he/she was not effective. Their effort was inconsequential. Those who do not identify themselves or give sources are to be ignored. The letterwriter showed that he/she did not possess wisdom in influencing others. Not “owning the” contents tell me they are afraid and made me very skeptical.

Secondly, the sender told me he/she was unskilled in wise decision-making. Through painful experience, I learned it is imperative to first gather all the facts (fact check everything or do you believe they are liars?) and all points of view on whatever the subject is. Use many sources in researching. Then take time to think about it all — dig deep down inside yourself, carefully. People who depend on one source only makes them tremendously vulnerable. Especially if that source tells you they are the only source of the truth and that all others sources are lying.

Beware of any source inferring they were sent from God or are the Messiah! All your inner alarm bells should be screaming if you are told this!

Thirdly, ask yourself, does this source of information portray a spirit of love, giving, respect, truth, forgiveness, peace, fairness, integrity? Or does it focus on fear, anger, hate, destruction, force, self-interest, lying, fault-finding, name-calling, vindictiveness, unfairness, breaking all the norms which make people feel secure?

Also, do you find yourself performing incredibly complex, twisting and turning mental acrobatics in order to fit a challenging new bit of information into your previous stance on issues? You have a clue that you may be in trouble with your previous decision and may need to reconsider that decision.

Finally, I honestly and truly am sorry for your suffering. I care.

Sharon Jeffers, 






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