With two months left before the election of the next President of the United States, we are reminded once again that this is the most important election in our history. It truly is a referendum on our Republic and its ability to provide the continuity and stability that is provided us by the Constitution. The outcome will be determined by our vote.

President Trump is correct in pointing out the possible problems that will be created in determining what the outcome of our vote will be. Every state has its own Board of Elections and their own rules regarding their election process. Some have ballot drop boxes, others insist on a postmark showing that the vote was cast on or before election day. Some do not count ballots received after Election Day. A number of states have already indicated that their results may not be tabulated for weeks after the election.

While these problems are percolating, members of our dysfunctional Congress are setting up the Post Office for blame along with President Trump. Finding blame is more important to them than solving problems. We are not blessed with a uniform federal election process nor do we have the time needed to craft one. It should be business as usual until a thoughtful system for mail-in voting can be negotiated by a select committee made up of members from the Senate, House, and Judiciary. As it stands now get ready for chaos that will make “hanging chads” a dim memory.

President Trump is correct in sounding the alarm.

Henry A. Truslow,





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