In the Constitution of the United States of America, provisions were made for removal (impeachment and conviction) of the president in the case of “malpractice or neglect of duty.”

The framers of the Constitution deliberated extensively on what offenses were impeachable, finally agreeing on “Treason, or bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Let’s forget about quid pro quo. When you were a child, were you ever asked to do something and your parents told you they would reward you if you did it? How about eating your food, (spinach...ugh!) and then you could go out and play. Or, if you cleaned up your toys, you could have a piece of candy. Or, later on, if you mowed the lawn you could have the car that night. Let’s call it what it was ... bribery!

Now let’s set aside the Mueller report and it’s 10 actions where Trump had committed obstruction of justice. When asked, Mueller said had it been anyone but the president, that person would have been indicted and be in jail.

Then let’s set aside Trump’s collusion with Russia, Ukraine and China where he has personally requested help from them to win the 2020 election.

I have to ask. How many offenses does this president have to make against our laws and our Constitution before he is held accountable? Why are the Republicans in our Congress not standing up to his crimes and misdemeanors? Is it all about money and power? Why do Christians support him and turn their backs on his biblical sins? Why does the average person, the poor or the middle class support him when asked what he has done for them, personally, they cannot answer that question?

It’s time for a Republican to stand up and be a “Goldwater” person and go down in history, much like Goldwater did when he implored Nixon to resign rather than be impeached. Where are you Senator Toomey and Representative Keller? Your silences have been deafening. It’s time to man up for what is right, to protect our laws, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


Ron Baker,


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