The SAT and ACT should not play as big of a role as it does in college admissions.

These tests do not accurately display what kind of student the applicant is and if they are able to be successful at an elite institution or not. For example, a high school student could have a 4.0-grade point average while taking advanced level courses and still do poorly due to the timed format which pushes students to rush through the test.

With a poor SAT or ACT score, access to select universities is restricted, and bright students who are perfectly capable of studying at a prestigious institution are held back. The tests also do not directly reflect what we learn in school, with the questions being all multiple-choice reading or math.

With the restrictions and hardships brought on by COVID-19, more universities are opting to go test-optional, allowing students to not submit their test scores. This sets a precedent for the future, as admissions are now more based on high school performance. I believe higher learning institutions should permanently become test-optional.

Good students with poor SAT scores should no longer have to suffer because of a poorly formatted exam.


Sam Deluca,

Mifflinburg Area High School

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