In Mr. Folk’s (July 28) response to Mitch Hart, his list of alleged left-wing attacks on the Constitution contain many things that aren’t addressed by the Constitution. However, the Constitution is very clear about the peaceful transfer of power after elections.

Although Mr. Folk says, “At best, they delayed the count one day,” why would a supporter of the Constitution and law and order allow them any delay at all? Mr. Folk doesn’t care about the Constitution — all he cares about is his side winning. His side is currently engaged in “death to democracy by a thousand cuts,” with changes to election laws across the country and a constant drumbeat of, “Aw, quit whining, it ain’t that bad.” Well, abortion rights were one of those things that were supposed to be settled, just like election laws, so you’ll have to forgive us if we respond to your nonsensical criticisms with alarm.

Longtime Republican Sen. Alan Simpson recently said, “Trump is a vicious animal” who “poisoned democracy,” and has turned the Republican party into a “cult.” Poisoners kill their victims with little doses over a long time. It is a coward’s route, but very effective.

We non-cult members are aware of the fact that we’re being poisoned, and we are also aware that a bunch of otherwise sane people have drunk Trump’s poisonous Kool-Aid. They will come to their senses some day and slink back into society, ashamed, embarrassed and hungover, or they will self-destruct in public, like Giuliani, trying to defend the indefensible.

Until they do, we defenders of the Constitution will say, “Nope,” every single time they try to slip a little poison into the political discourse. Sorry that you don’t like it, but we’re just standing our ground.

Trey Casimir,


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