Because “LGBTQ members provide valuable contributions,” Lewisburg has recognized October as LGBTQ and history month. While I have no doubt that this statement is true, I am also sure that there are members of many other groups that have also made valuable contributions; people of all different races, ethnic groups, religious groups, even Christians.

Is Lewisburg going to proclaim a month to recognize and protect the right of these groups as well?

Everyone has a right to choose what they believe in. No one has the right to force their belief on another person. I believe that people are to be together as adult male and female. Any other practice is a perversion of the Divine Creator’s design.

Even though there are many interesting places to shop in downtown Lewisburg, I will be taking my business elsewhere. Because, not only do I have the right to believe what I do, I also have the right and the responsibility to stand up for what I believe.


Rosemary Watt,


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