“Stop The World, I Want to Get Off” is the title of a 1961 Broadway musical. This cute title has become a modern mantra. Like a malevolent potion, media of all kinds, but especially electronics, have poisoned our brains and souls.

We all share equality in this disease; Black, white, straight, gay, progressive, conservative or Baltimore Oriole fan, we all suffer. Information deluge has made us various shades of crazy. When did this modern disease begin? Personally, I believe it hit its stride on 9/11/01; live, up-close and in our faces.

Across the next decade cable “news” flourished. The tradition of the straight, non-opinionated news of Walter Cronkite and Huntly-Brinkley morphed into Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow opinions masquerading in news clothing. Adding to this has been the portable poison of tablets and cellphones. We now can get our “news” fix on the go and wash it down with a Red Bull just to amplify anxiety.

Until this revolution, only global events wormed into our psyches. Generally, our worries stayed close to home and in many of these cases the individual had some degree of control. Tech has now opened a world of angst offering us an endless menu of troubles and annoyances for our personal selection, but not our personal control.

I’m not a Luddite by any means, I like my electronics like I like my tools. Yet, I know to keep my fingers from the spinning blade of my circular saw as I have learned to keep my eyes and ears away from “This Just Breaking” hyperbolic, undigested news reports. I believe today’s overheated, opinionated society news is best served cold.

Mike Glazer,


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