As I approach six months as Public Safety supervisor, I wanted to take time to update the public about our electronics recycling fundraiser and future plans for code enforcement in the city of Sunbury. More importantly, I wanted to thank the code enforcement staff — Mike, Joe, Darv, Samantha, Robin and Linda — for their contributions to the mission, making the code enforcement office stronger than ever.

On Sept. 18, the code enforcement office in conjunction with KVS Electronics, Hughesville, held an electronics recycling event at the James R. Eister skating rink parking lot. All proceeds, in the form of donations, were divided evenly amongst the six city fire companies. The total raised was $1,217.54. Because of the collection 7,622 pounds of electronics were saved from our landfills. I’d also like to thank Pennsylvania State Representative Lynda Schlegel-Culver and Victoria Rosancrans for the publicity leading up to the recycling event.

With the success of the electronics event, we are planning another event next spring-summer. We are exploring a used tire collection. We have to work out the numbers to see how we can make it cost effective for as many citizens as possible. The code office is actively working with property owners to upgrade deficient sidewalks. We will also be doing another citywide walk around to meet citizens and address concerns.

Jeffrey S. Wojciechowski,

Sunbury Public Safety supervisor

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