In the past 10 years, technology, especially handheld devices, have drastically changed daily human life. This type of technology has made life significantly easier and quicker, but has technology come too far? Do too many people rely on technology to survive?

People see adults and teens have their heads buried in handheld devices everywhere whether texting, checking social media, or listening to the newest hit music. Many people will not leave their house without a fully charged device to access.

Whether it is to give the directions for where they are going or entertain them on the way to a place, they completely rely on the device to stay “alive.”

In today’s society, people with “smart” devices literally have the world at their fingertips. Wherever a person is, for the most part, they can search for anything they desire by a push of a button and a verbal statement. They can search for and add or follow people from all over the world and discover what everyone is doing through social media.

What does this do to face-to-face social life? For many it is nearly nonexistent.

Instead of calling or meeting up with someone to catch up, they just text them or message them to see how they are doing.

Also, people with “smart” devices can have an app for almost anything. From checking your bank account, shopping online to catch the big deals, searching for your long lost family, or finding your next vehicle, mobile technology has its user’s back. It offers all these things on the go and makes trips to certain places more enjoyable.

But is all of this truly for the good? Is there a point where society will stop the growth of technology? It is already taking away jobs that our country cannot afford to lose and the more society creates conveniences that allow people to sit in the comfort of their home rather than getting out and communicating face-to-face, the more jobs society will lose.

Technology has come to a place where it provides so many conveniences, but if it continues to succeed and grow like it has, will anyone have to do anything but press a few buttons to get through a day? 

Randall Brininger, Mifflinburg High School 

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