As a veteran, voter, and current Social Security beneficiary, I am appalled by the campaign rhetoric coming from one of the candidates running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 12th District. Marc Friedenberg has been outright lying about opponent Fred Keller’s position on Social Security. Mr. Friedenberg is resorting to the same old scare tactics we hear during nearly every election, falsely saying that Fred wants to cut Social Security.

I know Fred personally, as most of us in the Susquehanna Valley. I have talked to Fred about his position on this and many other issues. Fred has never said he would cut Social Security. Fred understands that the people who paid into Social Security earned those benefits. He gave me his word that he would work to protect those benefits if elected to Congress.

I’m a registered Democrat and a veteran, and I value the person over party. I never heard Mr. Friedenberg mention the word veteran or Veterans Affairs. Integrity and character matter. On May 21, I will be voting for Fred Keller.


Harold Aucker,


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