Shikellamy’s support staff truly helped our son get where he is today.

Consider this list:

He has autistic traits — let’s just call a spade a spade and say he’s autistic.

He has a learning disability, specifically in math, and speech delays.

An inability to express his wants, needs and feeling verbally. He used to grunt and groan and cry — now he’s verbal.

Occasional struggles with change, which used to be severe.

He has vision problems, including no depth perception and mild amblyopia.

He deals with anxiety and struggles with some social skills.

He used to despise school and struggled so much with writing that he would hide under his desk when it was time to do writing assignments, so he repeated second grade

These are just some of the things we’ve struggled with when it comes to Trey.

Read this list again and look at all the improvements we’ve had. Those improvements happened this year.

This year!!

These improvements are not only thanks to us as the parents for implementing his treatment plan at home, but the majority of his improvements have taken place at school where all of his support staff are!

We’ve tried outside agencies. They both failed Trey and our family tremendously.

It was the school’s support staff that gave us hope again and truly helped Trey get to where he is today.

Taking this support staff away will for sure cause setbacks. To what extent we don’t know, but why even risk it?

They’re not just people in a job position.

They’re part of our family!

Teresa Rhoads,


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