Because some lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people in the Danville area may feel unwelcome or unsupported at this time, we want to share about PFLAG offering support groups for parents, friends, and families of LGBTQ+ people and LGBTQ+ people themselves.

Information about LGBTQ+ people is heard frequently lately, especially from people who are not LGBTQ+. Some conversations are respectful, some not. Some voice their opinions, and some remain silent, either by choice or for safety concerns.

Do we ever consider how all this impacts those who are LGBTQ+ and their loved ones?

It’s been a difficult year.

Families with children who are LGBTQ+ may have greater challenges. Family, friends and community can help ... or not.

Parents: We hear you. You’re not alone. You love your kids and want what’s best for them. It’s not easy. If you need a listening ear and encouragement, PFLAG (founded originally as Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) can help. We offer free, confidential, virtual peer support groups for sharing experiences and hearing guest speakers. Parents support each other, so they can support their children, which can improve health, school performance, and reduce suicide risk. For information, please contact us at

We hope our leaders in Danville will let LGBTQ+ people and the many people who love and support them know that they are respected and welcome here.

PFLAG Danville PA Board

Darcy Decker

Heather Eck

Matthew Feudale

Courtney Fowler

Dave McKinley MD

Diane McKinley

Priscilla Vaughan

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