So sad to see the increased death rate due to opioid addictions in Northumberland County. The death rate in the whole country remains extremely high with slight reductions.

I am thinking about what can be done to help reverse this horrible monster of a problem. Society seems to be at a loss. Something worth trying might be to start teaching in preschool how bad drugs are. Teach it every day, every week, every month. You might say that is overdoing it. I say how often do they teach English class? English won’t kill you or ruin your life totally or ruin the lives of family members you love. Which would you say is more important, drug education or English?

You know if you want a branch on a tree to go in a certain direction you start when it is young and flexible and you force it to grow in that direction. You may tie a string or wire around it and in that direction it grows. The same with humans. The younger a person learns things the more it becomes part of the life of that person, and in that direction they grow.

If all other things are failing to solve this drug problem why not try this early and continual education solution? If it saves a thousand lives it would be worth it. Maybe if it saves one life it would be worth it.

Richard Kemble,


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