I am writing regarding Lilly Hirsch’s letter, Where are the Women? (Feb. 2).

We don’t elect candidates on gender. We elect candidates who are qualified to do the job and uphold the party platform regardless of gender, race or social status.

We have many qualified candidates who have run for office. We elected Megan King for superior court judge in 2019; and Rebecca Warren and Christylee Peck also ran in that race. We elected Cheryl Allen, the first African-American woman on the superior court, in 2007. In 2017, we elected Mary Murray to the superior court.

If you are looking for a good “woman candidate” this year’s ballot will have Heather Heidelbaugh for state attorney general and Stacy Garrity for treasurer. They will not be chosen because they are women. They will be elected because they are the best candidates. I would hope one would look at qualifications and not gender when choosing a candidate and in addition to voting for Heather Heidelbaugh, attorney general and Stacy Garrity, treasurer, to also vote for Tim DeFoor for auditor general.

In Ms. Hirsch’s letter, she states that the party is not actively recruiting women candidates. This is untrue. As a member of national, state, and SUN Area Republican Women, I as well as millions of other women are actively working to recruit or become the candidate we wish to see in office. The strong network we have across the country, state, and nation is electing good candidates regardless of gender or race.


Irene Harris,

Candidate for Alternate Republican

National Convention,


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