Have President Donald Trump’s supporters reached the last straw? Trump supporters didn’t mind when he told the lie that Obama wasn’t really a citizen. No problem when Trump said he could grab women by the genitalia. No repercussions when he put the word of Putin ahead of our own intelligence agencies.

It didn’t matter to his supporters when he fired people who were telling the truth at the impeachment hearings. Nothing when he pardoned people who killed innocent women and children in Iraq. No condemnation for Trump’s terrible response to the pandemic that is taking so many lives unnecessarily. The list could go on and on.

But do the events of Wednesday, Jan. 6, represent the last straw? Of course Trump takes no responsibility for any of his wrongdoings. But there he was on television for all to see, urging his supporters to march on the capitol. We all know the terrible results. If Trump’s enablers in Congress, in the media, and especially his many supporters continue to stay with a man who encouraged sedition, the answer to the question of the last straw will be there is no last straw. The conclusion will be Trump supporters love the man more than they love America.

Jack Stausser,





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