Rep. Fred Keller’s recent (Aug. 25) column made many false claims about Mr. Trump’s “leadership” which I could not adequately answer, so I will stick with his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Far from “early action implementing travel restrictions and coordinating the delivery of millions of pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE),” Mr. Trump spent weeks denying/downplaying the potential impact of this new disease, even after Americans were dying. An estimated 36,000 deaths might have been avoided if action had been taken a week earlier.

Later, Mr. Trump’s policies with PPE, rather than “coordinating delivery” functioned to make governors of several states compete with each other for limited supplies. He kept plugging the benefits of hydroxychloroquine against the virus, even after studies showed it had limited effectiveness.

Later Mr. Keller states, “President Trump and the policies set forth by his administration did not get us into the mess that we are in now — but they are our country’s best chance to lead us out of it.” I disagree. Mr. Trump did not cause the SARS-CoV-2, but his lack of early leadership, coherent policy, and numerous inaccurate statements have indeed “gotten us into the mess that we are in now.” And Mr. Trump seems to have no idea how to make things better.

Peter Whitcopf,





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