While writing a letter about the threat of the totalitarian nature of the left, I changed it to describe practices of both parties that are threats to everyone’s freedom.

It is apparent that the Republican Party has preached capitalism while standing for a crony oligarchic form, based on wealth and corporations; we certainly do not have real capitalism. In reading about the thoughts and philosophy of the founders, I think they would agree that the enormous and increasing disparity of wealth and taxation is a threat to democracy.

The Democrats are equally in league with the rich, but they do a better job pretending they are on the side of “the people.” (Witness how the Pelosis, who are worth $200+ million, made another $5 million recently by knowing about a pending bill.) Republicans supported an inexcusably skewed tax reduction bill that mostly benefited the rich of both parties, while greatly increasing the national debt and placing a greater burden on our children and grandchildren.

Frugality in public expenditures was previously a topic the party stood for, but now it does not even get lip service. Tax breaks for corporations are not a good policy in capitalism; it drives up costs for consumers and allows those at the top to get even more of the nation’s wealth. While some of these tax laws were written while Democrats controlled Ways and Means, Republicans never objected and pushed for them too. Tax breaks, contracts and outright grants have amounted to trillions in corporate welfare over the years. Despite this many of the biggest corporate beneficiaries also pay low wages, knowing public welfare will alleviate a little of its misery. Biden’s recent propaganda that his two spending bills “will cost nothing” is specious at best as the debt will only increase further.

The size and power of corporations, supported by both parties, is a growing threat to the republic. Corporations have an outsized influence on what citizens see and hear, spending billions of dollars on legal bribery (called lobbying) which buys politicians and stymies criticism. When historically Republicans had the power to address growing monopolies they did not do so because they receive a lot of money from them; when Democrats had it they similarly failed. Now the internet and computer companies also protect themselves by giving money to both parties (the majority to Democrats) so they won’t be stymied in their monopolies.

In the past, when newspapers were a means of investigation and sometimes true news, more variety meant more chances of learning about crimes and corruption. The internet has altered that by causing the loss of so many newspapers. The TV networks and the major newspapers pretending to report “the news” have now become forums for propaganda. Look at what they absolutely refuse to cover. Congress made a lot of noise about teenagers being negatively affected by Facebook and other social media, but they won’t do anything about it.

A greater threat is their censoring opposing views. They are complicit with efforts of the government to delete even valid opposing medical viewpoints about the COVID business in the name of “preventing misinformation” but it has morphed into an attempt to suppress both all opposing viewpoints and any criticism of government officials. They also want to anoint (in a leaked Facebook memo) certain sacrosanct “journalists” as “quasi-public officials” who would be immune from criticism because they term such terrorism. Just look at the corruption unearthed by independent bloggers who don’t accept corporate money and the cancellation threats these people are under. What was derided as conspiracy theory has so often proven to be true.

Doubt this? The recent arrest of a fourth criminal in the Russiagate investigation will get little or no coverage by the networks and large newspapers because it embarrasses a certain candidate for president they supported. How many know that Katie Couric censored the words of Ruth Ginsberg during an interview because she knew the words were too true? Anyone want to guess why we have heard so little about Hunter Biden’s scams and little about George Soros, other billionaires and large corporations getting buckets of COVID relief money yet so many small businesses were driven out of existence?

It would behoove everyone to listen to the blogs of people like Joe Rogan, James Dore, Glen Greenwald, and Russell Brand. Listen to brave Black bloggers like AK Nation News, Thomas Sowell, Brandon Tatum, Ruined Leon, Greg Foreman of Black Conservative Perspective, Anthony Brian Logan and others to hear important items never covered by the bought mainstream media who instead love and regularly use race hustlers.

While I do not agree with some viewpoints of the left-wingers, at least they are honest as they critique everyone.

Dr. Thomas Modesto lives in Danville.

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