The day after the November election, I took down my yard sign, gave blood at the Red Cross and put food in the Little Free Pantry in Northumberland. It was time to put our political differences aside and start actively working to heal our community.

I expected others would agree. Some did but now I see many did not.

I watched in horror as our nation’s Capitol was invaded by rioters. Rioters who were encouraged by the president, his attorney, his son and others we had trusted to protect our nation. Even the most diehard Trump fan should have noticed he called for a march to the capitol adding he would walk with them then he climbed into his protected armored limousine and went home!

Today there are still election signs up, long after they should have legally been removed, but worse after an attempt to destroy our nation in a desperate effort to be all powerful. Those signs now represent an attempt at the destruction of our nation and the betrayal of the American people.

After 9/11 we came together as a nation to heal. It’s time to do that again.

Willow Eby-Fischer,





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