I think, as a retired person in the community of Lewisburg, that the citizens of the town should speak their piece in respect to the school tax raise that was reported in the Nov. 14 edition of The Daily Item.

Hasn't the superintendent of the Lewisburg School system and the school board president heard about the economy crisis? Of course not, or any person who makes $40,000 or more a year doesn't have to worry about the economy.

That's why there are so many homes for sale and people moving out of the town. Everything is on the rise, and they come up with a raise in taxes. I am sure I speak for all the retirees on fixed incomes in the community. This is a little much.To top it off, the teachers get 15 minutes a day for professional development and educational collaboration. Let's get back to the reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic, and they won't need more money.

Lucille E. Aurand, Lewisburg

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