The mystery of “Independent” Nick Troiano is not a mystery at all. He has been a Republican and he stays a Republican. He is simply not a Tom Marino-Ted Cruz Republican.

He is rather a Paul Ryan Republican. Cruz and Ryan are Tea Party Republicans and Marino and Troiano are Tea Party Republicans. Same church, different pews: Marino and Cruz in one, Troiano and Ryan in another.

Marino distinguishes himself as against everything Obama, and Troiano wants to gut programs as a way of cutting costs. So much for the needy and disadvantaged, many of whom are in a bad position because Republicans in Congress have blinders on. They don’t know what keeps a nation together so that it can go forward — together!

The biggest insult is that they won’t put able-bodied citizens back to work. They always have some good reason for not telling the truth or for discrediting the opposition Stop blocking the kind of jobs bills (especially for infrastructure) that have always been the answer to a Great Depression or a great recession. And choose Scott Brion to help kick-start Congress from the 10th District along with Matt Cartwright from the 17th. 

Richard J. Yost, South Abington Township 

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