I was appalled at how inappropriate Peter Engstrom’s Dec. 26 letter “Honest day’s work.” In his letter, he was maligning President Donald Trump for taking a vacation during his last month in office.

Let’s see what the president has done in his last weeks in office. In order to do this, we must start eight or nine months ago when he stated by the end of this year a COVID-19 vaccine would be ready for the public. Everyone had a good laugh and called him an idiot. Everyone knew it took 6 to 10 years to develop a vaccine, except Trump.

It seems, Peter, you forgot none of the vaccines were even approved until after the election. How many hundreds of thousand doses have been delivered with millions more in the pipeline? It is his leadership that made this possible.

Oh, and what about his fight to get more money for the people. Congress allocated $600 per person; he is trying for $2,000. Not to mention his response to the Iranian missiles that were used against the U.S. embassy, and the efforts he is using to get legislation against social media platforms, all things he is working on.

Why didn’t you complain about Obama’s golf outings, more than 300 or roughly 10% of his presidency? Yet you complain about Trump playing golf over the Christmas break. Wow.


Randy Straub,

New Columbia 




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