The Monday, Nov. 25 editorial cartoon is not satire but just a diversion from reality that this administration is so fond of. Another talking point from the Republican bully pulpit during the recent House Intelligence Committee hearings.

I saw most of the House Intelligence Committees hearings.

I do not remember seeing any proof that the Democrats were trying to declare the 2016 election of President Trump illegal. The hearings showed a president who not only violated norms for the presidency but did things that are illegal.

I find the impeachment hearings a duty of our government to assure the laws were or were not followed by our president. And the findings do indeed present evidence the president has sought aid from a foreign power to help him in the 2020 election. The president also held back needed military aid to Ukraine by more than 90 days during an active war with Russia. The inquiry also has shown the president is obstructing justice by not allowing certain members of his administration from testifying.

And a few other items have also been proven by testimony of these non-partisan government workers.

The editorial cartoon would be more truthful if it showed the president pushing the plunger.

The truth does matter.


Ronald Grimm,


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