The election is over and as just as Donald Trump told us, the coronavirus has suddenly disappeared.

He told us from the beginning it was just a Democratic hoax. Certainly, he would never tell us a lie. I guess it is just fake news that we are seeing record numbers of cases around the country.

He and many of his minions now shout fraud about the election results based on zero evidence.

After the 2016 election, he claimed that millions of illegal immigrants had voted for Hillary Clinton, but his own specially appointed committee to investigate election fraud found no evidence. Should we be surprised at any of this? Why would you believe anything this serial liar, cheat, conman, and narcissist says?

I believe I would be a fool to accept any of his pronouncements or tweets. I’m still waiting for the caravans from the south bringing leprosy into the country.

Donald Trump has been a threat to our country since the day he entered office. He is motivated only by his own gain and advantage. He cares only about the country for what he can get. He has clearly been voted from office, but during the more than two months until he leaves office he will continue to lash out because he can’t handle defeat.

He has done much to weaken our democratic system with his continued attacks on our electoral system.

He will continue to erode the government’s ability to do its necessary work. Who can predict what he will do before we reach Jan. 20, 2021.

He is now throwing monkey wrenches into the peaceful transfer of power which has been the hallmark of our democracy before the age of Trump.

Joe Biden faces enormous challenges when he comes into office.

Trump’s interference in the transition means we all will lose.


Jack D. Miller,



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