We The People. These three words are at the beginning of each preamble in every Constitution written in the United States. It means all of us, you and me.

We each have a duty and responsibility to make our country the type of country we want to live in. We are the government.

Right now in Harrisburg the property tax issue is the hot potato. Now is the time for us to take action. There is HB76 and SB76 which will eliminate property taxes for schools. The schools can be funded more equitably through sales taxes and taxes on the fracking industry. Sales tax is more equitable because everyone pays the same portion. HB76 and SB76 don’t eliminate property taxes all together but it’s a start.

Harrisburg wants SB299, which will freeze property taxes at the 2013 level. That’s a cop-out. If that bill is passed it will only freeze the taxes for a period of time and then watch out.

Visit www.patag.org and submit the letter to your State Representative and Senator. Remember, United we stand divided we fall.

Clair Moyer,


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