Is it any wonder why the people are disgruntled and distrusting of our government? Is it any wonder that lawyers have the reputation they do and the people refer to them as “shysters?”

I don’t know how the rest of you feel but my senator, Pat Toomey, and 52 other senators and a handfull of lying lawyers, just did away with the checks and balances in our government and destroyed our justice system. I am sending him an email to tell him so.

It was OK for the Republicans to say that the Democrats did not allow witnesses for Trump to defend himself in the House investigation. But, it was not OK for the Republicans to call witnesses for Trump to defend himself in the Senate trial. 

I wonder if you feel the same way I do about your senator? I have made phone calls to his office. I seldom get to speak to someone and when I do, I get a thank you and they will pass it on to the senator. I even had one hang up on me because he didn’t like my question. I have written several emails and I get back the same “canned reply” that has nothing to do with the subject or my concerns in my emails. And, this is unbelievable: I am always addressed as my wife ... “Dear Barbara ...” I have even written and told them that I am Barbara’s husband. I got back a reply that that address does not get monitored. Do you really think those calls and emails get to the senator? Do you really think Toomey cares what we think? It’s all about money for money buys power and power corrupts.

I have friends and family that tell me to let it alone because people just don’t care. Mick Mulvaney tells us, “get over it. We do it all the time.” For the personal gain of the president? I would hope not.

I care. It’s my duty as a citizen.

I took the same oath as the president and the congressmen when I entered the United States Naval Academy. I spent 14 1/2 years in the military and I flew jet aircraft from carriers, to defend the same principles that I swore to uphold just as they did. Only I took mine seriously. Bone spurs would not have kept me from doing my duty had I been called once, let alone five times.

Those senators swore again to be impartial in the Senate trial. That was a laugh. We know it, from tapes on TV, when they said such. Then they said the Pledge of Allegiance, with their hands over their hearts, “one nation, indivisible, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” Did they have their left hands behind their backs, with their fingers crossed, as we used to do as little kids trying to get away with something we said that was a lie? What kind of meaning do their oaths have for them?

I am asking Toomey what is meant by high crimes and misdemeanors? And, if a president cannot be impeached for asking foreign nations to interfere in our election, or for obstructing a requirement to check a president for obstruction of Congress or justice, then there is no such thing as impeachment.

According to their Harvard professor, a president can do anything he wants to do so long as he is doing it to stay in office or running a campaign to be elected. Is that so? I would hope not.

I hope the rest of us will do as I have done and write their senators. We can use our power at the election polls. We, the people are the controllers of the power as to what the president and congress do in our country.

Ronald Baker lives in Lewisburg.

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