I am alarmed that Jenn Rager-Kay refuses to give up her medical practice if she is elected in the Aug. 20 special election for state representative. Rager-Kay is a full-time ear-nose-throat surgeon at UPMC Susquehanna Hospital in Sunbury.

Her refusal to commit to being a full-time representative is a deal-breaker. The people of Union and Snyder counties deserve a full-time legislator fighting for them in Harrisburg. Serving in the legislature is serious business. It should not be treated like a hobby.

When asked about why she would refuse to give up her practice, Rager-Kay routinely refers to the sacrifice she would make if she gave up her medical practice. That does not sound like a person who is interested in putting people first and serving their needs in Harrisburg.

Perhaps her motivation for seeking office is to simply deliver reliable partisan votes for Gov. Wolf’s liberal, big-government agenda. As a surgeon, she will not have the time to become a well-informed legislator. She also will not have the time to learn the concerns of those she “represents” and advocate for us.

Unlike Rager-Kay, Republican David Rowe has pledged to be a full-time legislator and put the time in necessary to fully and effectively represent the people of the district. He seems to be the one who will make serving the people a priority. He has my vote.


Brianna Long,


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